Patient Testimonials

We enjoy hearing from our patients!

Here are a few things our patients have said about our practice....

"Dr. MacDougall is the best. He spends more time with each patient than other dentists I've been to, and really cares about the health of my teeth, so I trust him."

"He takes extra steps and does a thorough, top-quality job on the work he does. He cares about quality and he listens to my concerns. That's worth it to me."

"Dr. MacDougall's staff is so friendly, caring and knowledgeable. If I don't understand something, they are happy to spend the time explaining or showing me what I need to know. They do not rush or pressure me, or make me feel uncomfortable. And I like that they call me after my treatment to make sure I'm doing OK!"

"I go to Dr. MacDougall because he offers special types of corrective treatment that other dentists do not. He also has outstanding relationships with other specialists that he may involve in my care."

"I've learned that not all dentists are the same. You get what you pay for."

"I was a "scaredy cat" when it comes to going to the dentist - my first visit to Dr. MacDougall's office was so comfortable and pleasant, I don't mind going back!"

"How truly concerned and thorough hygienist and dentist were offering so much information for maintenance and follow-up options. I always feel so well taken care of. It is wonderful. Thank you."

"The folks working on my mouth were amazing. You guys do great work."

"I am always impressed with the dentist. He is always nice and professional, and appears to genuinely care about my comfort."

"The dentist recalled my fillings and asked about them - it showed me he cared about the procedure and how I was feeling."