Tooth Whitening

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Tooth Whitening

Teeth Whitening Techniques

Perhaps you have a special occasion coming up or maybe a job interview. Whiter teeth can perk up your looks and create a younger-looking, attractive smile. For teeth that are mildly discolored, there are a few options to give you that whiter, brighter, more confident smile.

There are all kinds of whitening strips and brush-on products you can buy at the big-box stores for a quick simple whitening that produces results about a shade whiter. Chances for an uneven effect are greater, due to these products not covering the entire surfaces of your teeth. For a natural-looking, more long-lasting and noticeable result, we offer a professional-strength whitening system.

First, start with a good cleaning with our hygienist to remove surface stains. The second step will involve taking impressions to make you custom-fitting trays that fits over your teeth. The next visit you will receive the finished trays, and a supply of professional strength whitening bleach gel to use in the trays as directed by the dentist. Periodically we will have follow-up appointments to check your progress and answer any questions you may have about your whitening. Some people experience some sensitivity, so adjustments may be made to frequency and duration of applications. Results may vary with each patient. Using these custom-trays for future touch-ups keeps your teeth looking bright! We stock refill tubes of whitening gel for your purchase.

Other methods used in some offices involve a high-intensity lamp with a bleaching substance, giving you whiter teeth in an hour. Due to higher risk of sensitivity to enamel, we opt to use the tray system here for a more comfortable and controlled treatment.

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