Porcelain Veneers

How do those Hollywood stars get those perfect-looking teeth? The secret's out, and we can share it with you!

What is a Veneer?

Example of Porcelain Veneers

Veneers are composed of a thin, custom-made porcelain/ceramic layer that essentially replaces the natural tooth enamel surface to solve several problems in one procedure, with beautiful, natural-looking results. Patients with the following dental problems may benefit from the application of a veneer:

  • shape discrepancies–unevenly sized teeth or surfaces can be made to look like and match other teeth, providing a more confident smile.
  • slight misalignment- the veneer can be fashioned to augment a tooth to bring the exterior surface in line with other teeth
  • tooth discoloration /staining – in some cases bleaching isn’t effective when discoloration involves inner layers of the tooth under the enamel. Veneers can mask a discolored tooth, whether caused by genetics, medications while in the developmental stages, root canal treatment or other nerve trauma.
  • chipped teeth- for minor chipped teeth in vulnerable areas a veneer may provide longer lasting protection, where a filling may be more apt to break from the natural part of the tooth.
  • worn enamel- as we age, natural teeth can become worn down, dull and more prone to cracks and breaks.

To prepare a tooth for a veneer, a small thin layer of enamel is removed to accommodate the thickness of the veneer. Impressions are taken of the prepared tooth to make models from which the veneers can be fabricated as needed to attain the best esthetic outcome. When the final product is made, they are cemented into place.

Veneers can provide an excellent natural-looking alternative for correcting minor esthetic issues. Call us today for your consultation!

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