Dental Implants

Have you thought about an implant for a missing tooth? Let our expert team show you the benefits!

What About Implants?

Example of a Dental Implant

Once considered a luxury or cosmetic restoration, implants are now more widely accepted and recommended for replacing missing teeth with a stronger, more permanent option. An implant is a synthetic unit that is placed into the bone to function as the root and the missing tooth is a special crown attached to the implant. If several teeth are missing, strategically placed implants can assist in the secure attachment of full or partial denture plates, or anchor a bridge.

Many dental insurance plans now offer some coverage assistance for implants, whereas in the past they did not. Benefits of an implant include preserving adjacent teeth without modification, as would happen in a typical bridge placement. An implant also preserves bone structure, acts like a natural tooth, and allows for a firmer bite force. Because they stand independent of other teeth, normal routine brushing and flossing are easier around them. Implants are usually made of titanium, the same material used in replacement joints, which integrates well with bone after a period of healing time. The attached crown, if ever needing to be replaced, can be done without removing or affecting the implant. Over time, this becomes a better value than other replacement options that do not last as long.

Call us to set up a consultation to see how we may help with your needs and whether implants are a good choice for you! We work with other area specialists as a team to ensure the best possible outcome!

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