Dental Bridges

Are you a candidate for a bridge? This is a natural-looking option for replacing one or a few missing teeth.

Why Choose a Dental Bridge?

A bridge is a unit of artificial teeth to replace one or more missing teeth. Custom made to fit, they feel natural and secure, and are permanently cemented or bonded to adjacent teeth for support (unlike partial dentures that are removable). Bridges can also be anchored with dental implants, depending upon the condition of the bone. Bridges can be made of porcelain or metal or a combination of these, depending on the location and function needed.

Example of a Dental Bridge

It is important to restore empty spaces left behind by one or more missing teeth, to preserve the alignment and health of the rest of your teeth. Even if one tooth is missing, the other teeth may slowly shift out of position, which will cause changes in the way your teeth fit and function together (your bite). A poorly aligned bite may make your jaw or other teeth sore (leading to possible TMD symptoms). When teeth start leaning into spaces left by missing teeth, they may also become harder to clean and floss, trapping food, resulting in the potential of tooth decay and/or gum disease. With all these changes occurring, the appearance of your smile can ultimately be compromised.

Call today to schedule your complementary consultation to review and discuss your options in replacing areas of missing teeth, in order to restore your beautiful and natural looking smile.

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