Crooked Teeth

Crowded teeth or embarrassment with your smile can effect your well-being. We can help!

The first thing people notice is how your teeth look. What causes teeth to become crooked? Usually genetics is the main factor, but causes may also include childhood thumb sucking (and/or excessive use of pacifiers), early loss of baby teeth, facial injury or deformity, or crowding of teeth in a jaw lacking enough size for proper alignment.

Crooked teeth can lead to problems with proper oral care. Difficulty in removing bacteria and food debris from overlapping teeth can lead to more tooth decay, gum disease and bad breath. Infections caused by the build-up of bacteria can cause adverse effects in the rest of your body, as well, such as heart disease, diabetes and pneumonia.

If teeth are not lined up properly, teeth cannot fit together for proper chewing. Jaw pain and/or popping (TMJ), uneven wear on other teeth, and higher risks of breakage can occur. Speech may also be affected, when word pronunciation may sound different as the tongue and teeth try to work together for form sounds.

We can examine the overall condition of your tooth alignment and arrange a plan of treatment or referral to an orthodontist to give you a smile you can be proud to show off!

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