Our Technology

How we use current technology to achieve optimum results for our patients...

Exceptional, Comprehensive Care

At MacDougall Dentistry, we are passionate about providing exceptional, comprehensive care. One way we accomplish this is through the technology we use as an extension of our personalized diagnosis and treatment plan, based on the desires and needs of our patients.

Here are a few of the ways we can assist you in achieving optimal oral health:

Digital x-rays:

An advanced form of x-ray imaging, digital radiography provides many benefits in high quality patient care.

  • Radiation exposure is reduced by 90% of conventional x-ray film processes.
  • Digital x-rays provide a higher quality, more sensitive image, providing a better diagnostic tool in finding problems at a much earlier stage.
  • The images, transferred from a sensor placed in the mouth like traditional x-rays, can be instantly viewed on the computer screen, sharing these finding with the patient, with the ability to enlarge the images to see areas of concern.
  • Digital x-rays can be forwarded by secure email within a few minutes to other specialists for referral treatment when necessary, as well as sending to insurance companies for claims.

Digital Photography:

Photographic images of oral conditions can be an invaluable diagnostic tool in many ways.

  • Similar to the instant viewing of x-rays, digital photos are helpful in capturing images inside the mouth, where tissues and teeth can be viewed on the computer monitor in color.
  • Photo images become part of the dental record in identifying areas of concern and treatment needs. Cracks in teeth, sores on gums or tissues, etc. can be more visible, enlarged on the computer screen or monitor for patient education and treatment planning.
  • Before and after photos of patient treatment are useful in showing patients how improvements can be made in their individual condition, and recording progress and successes.
  • lmages are used for color and shade matching for producing crowns, bridges, and dentures.

Telescopic loupes:

Enhanced vision is a vital tool for seeing that extra detail needed to provide the most optimal care. These magnifier glasses enhance vision 1.5x to 6x more than normal vision, allowing the dentist to see fine details that would normally go unnoticed to the naked eye.
Use of these special glasses assures better quality exams and restorations for the patient.

Computerized insurance processing, record-keeping and correspondence:

Environmentally conscious, computerized business transactions help save our planet, save time, costs and allow quicker access to information when needed. We serve our patients needs by:

  • Electronic claims submission and pre-treatment estimate requests, which allows for quicker turnaround time, as well as fewer errors and denials .
  • Computerized appointment book and recall/reminder card system.
  • On-line referrals for setting up appointments and forwarding x-rays and photo images to other specialists.
  • Office communication system - intercom between staff members as well as voicemail system to receive messages when away from the phone. We provide on-call service for emergencies.

"How truly concerned and thorough hygienist and dentist were offering so much information for maintenance and follow-up options. I always feel so well taken care of. It is wonderful. Thank you."

"The folks working on my mouth were amazing. You guys do great work."

"I am always impressed with the dentist. He is always nice and professional, and appears to genuinely care about my comfort."

"The dentist recalled my fillings and asked about them - it showed me he cared about the procedure and how I was feeling."